Saturday, April 26, 2008


This picture was taken at Pike place market last Spring. I loved how the crabs were all lined up perfect but there was this One taken from the middle. Somebody had to have Just that one. it was the best of the bunch I guess.
Okay, so it's Saturday already....I didn't have computer access yesterday. My husband and I are spending the weekend in Downtown Seattle at the Sheraton Hotel. We are celebrating our 31st Wedding Anniversary. We went to a wonderful dinner last night at my favorite restraunt "McCormick and Shmicks" on Lake Union. They print out their menus twice a day. When we showed up for our reservations, they handed us our menus with "Happy 31st Anniversary" printed on the top. (will add pic later that I took from my phone)
We went to see the movie 88 minutes after dinner and are going to a Mariners game tonite. I plan on getting to downtown Macy's and Nordstroms while Dan naps. I'm hoping that we make it to Pike Place Market a little later.
So there you have it. Now back to the Foto. I picked this picture because 1)It's a picture in Seattle and I'm in Seattle. and 2)Because it shows how this one Special Crab was picked by someone and Dan is my One Special Someone that I picked, just for me. (BTW, his Astrology sign is Cancer...which just so happens to be...Yep, you guessed it...A Crab)
Smiling here!


Dawn said...

Happy Anniversary Pam! I hope you have the best weekend in Seattle- it looks like the weather is going to be beautiful for a baseball game. Now you got me wanting to cook some seafood ;)

Delena said...

Ha! That's funny. Happy anniversary. I'm glad you're having a good time. Bring me back something yummy :)

Wentworth Family Blog said...

I just love seeing your photos each friday! Hope you had a wonderful anniversary.