Thursday, June 12, 2008


I have been going home for lunch for the past few days and have had the pleasure of watching some Daytime TV. One of the shows I've been watching is The Peoples Court. This Judge Milian is something else. She has No tolerance for Lazy people, or those who have a "Poor Me" mentality. Several times yesterday I heard her say; "You needed to get out of the Way of Yourself!" It really struck me how often this happens. I'm a pretty confident person (on the outside haha) I have always been a take charge the situation, self survival, do what it takes kind of gal. Or so I thought. I am so amazed at how often I DO get in the way of being blessed, or allowing my self to bless someone else. My self doubts creep in and I give up before I even get going.
I was doing a quick inventory as I sat there eating my lunch.
A couple of weeks ago,I was browsing thru some of the pictures I'd taken of that old church up in Alaska. I wanted to have them printed up in black and white and I even have a perfect matted frame to put the 3 of them in. I wanted to give them as a gift to a friend of mine. For many reasons, I began to have doubts about if she would even like them so I decided to forgo the project. Then a few days later I read an article in a magazine about how we get caught up in self doubt, and worry too much about others oppinions. It really hit home with me. So, with that article and Judge Milian's articulate words...I have decided to "Get out of the way of myself" and will proceed to print up, frame, scripture upon and give away whatever pictures and prints that I Love to whomever I choose to bless them with.


Dawn said...

Those pictures are beautiful and I'm sure the recipient will be very blessed by them. I used to be a nanny for Dave Valle's family and I remember him giving a piece of advice that has always stuck with me...when someone else offers "advice" always, always, "consider the source".

Delena said...

I love those pictures!!!!