Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Good Morning. That's a mouthful for me to say today. You see, My guy Dan is out of town this week. I'm getting much better at being alone when he's gone. I spend at least 2 nights a week alone when he's in Seattle at the Fire Station. Last night, I slept thru the night with minimal interuptions. I'm getting much better at this.
Which brings me to this morning. Dan is just Amazing really. Most of the time, he gets the coffee ready the night before and even knows how to set the timer on it so that the coffee will be ready when we wake up.
Other days, he will get up before me, make the coffee and even bring me a cup. I've been doing fine getting the coffee ready for myself the past few days. I've tried my best to have it all ready to go before I go to bed so that all I have to do is push the start (or on) button as soon as I get up.
Last night was one of those pre-planned evenings. I went to bed so proud of myself. I got up, let Molly out and pushed the button on the coffee. Easy as pie. Then I came into the computer room to check e-mail and waited patiently for my coffee to brew. I heard the little beep and decided that the caffeine withdrawls had not started yet, so I played around on the computer a little longer than I usually do. Ok, headache starting in and dog is barking outside at kids walking to school. So I head into the kitchen to get the dog inside the house, and the coffee inside of me. I didn't notice anyting wrong at first as I was so focused on getting my favorite coffee cup.
My daughter Melissa sent this to me for my Birthday last year. I just Love it!
Ok, back to my Morning....I glance over at the coffee pot and all of the coffee (half a pot) was not in the pot at all but all over the kitchen counter! It had even went into the silverware drawer...into the silverware tray and down to the cabinet below and coffee even filled up one of those plastic glad storage containers!! Here it is 6am and I am cleaning out drawers, cupboards, counters and my hardwood floor. All without a drop of coffee in me. Not good I tell you. Oh, and while I'm in the midst of cleaning off the counter, I knocked my sugar dish into the sink with the running water! UGH! Oye Vey! and all that Jazz!!
I get it all cleaned up and prepare to make another pot of coffee. I was now nervous that this was going to happen again so I stood there while it dripped. I don't know what I did the first time to cause this to happen. I think that I may just need a new coffee pot. So, here I am now behind schedule to get ready for work. I have consumed 2 cups of coffee and cleaned up most of the mess except for all the contents of the drawer and cabinet.
I will take care of the rest when I get home from work tonite. I suppose I'll take this opportunity to run it all thru the dishwasher and rearrange things while I'm at it. It's all good.


Dawn said...

:) That sounds like quite a morning! It's much harder for me to deal with stuff like that before I've had my coffee. I hope the rest of your day goes better. Would you be offended if I said I enjoyed reading this? Somehow it just feels good to know that these things happen to other people as well. I know...I'm terrible at sympathy!

Queen Mimi said...

I am smiling myself as I read your comment. So not offended. You Have a Great Day too Dawn!

Delena said...

I'm chuckling to myself at the site! You should have just grabbed a straw and considered the drawer your coffee cup. :) I've been thinking about you all week, probably because you needed some company. I miss you!!!!

Cheryl said...

Great work.