Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Busy time in Mimi's World!

I don't have the cord to upload pictures of this past week, but promise to do it tonite. The first night that Dan came home with the kids, they oohd and ahhd at their room that Aunt Kristie and I fixed up for them. They were so tired from the long 2 days of riding in a car, that they went to bed within the first hour. Thursday they spent just playing with the new (and old favorite) toys they found. Papa had recorded some fun kid movies on Disney, HBO family and a few shows he remembered they liked. Kristine was around to offer some help also. I went home for Lunch and was so sad to have to go back to work. When I got home from Dinner, we went to our favorite Mexican resturant for dinner and I glanced over to see that Jacob's loose tooth was Missing in Action. We decided that it must have come out while eating the tortilla chips. After much discussion about wheter or not the tooth fairy would still come if there was no tooth...we convinced him that the going rate for MIA teeth when visting Mimim and Papa was much better than when you were in Omaha. Jacob drew a picture of his tooth and a note explaining it's departure for the Tooth Fairy just in case. I am pleased to announce that the Tooth Fairy found it's way to my house, left $5 and a toy (cause apparantly the Omaha Tooth Fairy also leaves a toy?!) Hmmm Anyhow, the next day we were heading to our timeshare up at Desert Canyon for the Weekend. Dan, Kristine and the kids headed up in the morning and were able to check into our room. (We were blessed with a ground floor room right next to the pool!)They headed straight to the pool, had BBQ hot dogs and were taking naps by the time I got off of work a little early. I found someone to work for me Monday and Wednesday of this week so was able to really unwind and relax knowing I didn't have to miss out on too much precious time with them. My oldest Grandaughter Kasey is a Great swimmer and was doing her best to try and teach her brother Jacob how to do it too. He's a little scared of the water. However, he has no idea that he already KNOWS how to Swim! Dan and I had some snorkles from when we went swimming with the dolphins. I gave them to the kids to use in the pool and bough some nice goggles for them as well. I was going to take a picture of Jacob using them when I discovered that he was swimming/floating without even knowing it. I tried my best to convince him, but when I upload the picture to my computer he will see for himself. Little Xavier spent most of his time playing on the steps of the pool, and hanging on to Papa's neck while he swam around. "Papa, you come in the Pool with me?" I mean, how could Dan resist? We ate dinner at the golf course restuarant "The Oasis" and I let the kids order what ever they wanted and suprised them with desert Sundaes. I suppose I was playing hardball and trying to make up for being at work. After all, Papa can't get all the Kudos right? The next morning, Auntie headed home and it was just the 5 of us. We had such a great time at the pool, playing outside, watching movies, popcorn and tons of snuggle time. We have booked the same room for this next Sunday and Monday. I can hardly wait!
Yesterday I was able to borrow a couple of bikes from my co-worker/friend Tia for Kasey and Jacob. We put training wheels on the bike for Jacob, but were not able to make them work for the bike Kasey would use. The only option was for her to learn how to ride a 2 wheeler. This old Grandma has not forgotten how! Kasey was afraid at first, but as soon as she got the hang of it there was no holding her back.
(pix from my cell phone)

I bought one of those trialer/stroller things to go behind my bike and am going to show the kids the Wenatchee side of the loop tomororw. I'm off and Dan will be at work so we are packing up a picnic lunch and going to have another fun filled day.
One other fun thing we did was Kasey and I going to the Goodwill and finding some tea cups and saucers and 2 teapots. We are going to have a Tea Party! I am going to invite a few little girls I know and Kristine and I will host it. I have never been able to be at a Birthday Party for Kasey, and want to show off my "party skills". So I decided why does it have to be a Birthday to invite little girls over and have treats, play games and do fun stuff? I'm hoping to find some straw hats and have the girls decorate them with big flowers etc and take them home along with their teacup. I will be taking tons of pictures. Speaking of...check back tomorrow for pictures of our great week so far.


Dawn said...

You are THE COOLEST GRANDMA! I look forward to seeing all the pictures.

Chad the Chicken said...

You are having a great time, I can tell! Upload the pictures, hurry up!!!

Delena said...

I love that you taught her to ride a bike. What a special memory. Sounds like you're having tons of fun!