Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Last Saturuday I was pleased to Co-Host a Tea Party at my house with my Oldest Grandaughter Kasey. She is visiting me from Omaha and we usually try to do some "Girl Day" while she is here each Summer. It was a perfect sunny day and we invited 4 young girls to join us. Delena's girls Brooklyn and Maddie along with my Co-workers daughter Kennedi and my friend Deb's daughter Estela.

The table was set when they arrived and we enjoyed a light lunch of little sandwhiches, mini cupcakes, scones, hand dipped chocholate covered cherries, fruit/veggie tray and cheese and crackers. Of course, Tea and fruit punch as well. We played a couple of games

(kiss the frog was one) and did some crafts.

We have decided to make this an annual activity. Tea with the Queen!


Dawn said...

All those girls look so cute, and like they're having a great time. As I've said before...I think you're the coolest grandma. ;)

Melissa said...

FUN! You rock bigtime. I will be like you when I am a "Nana" or "Yia Yia" or whatever my grandbabies call me. I love that you do this....they will remember this for always.

Chad the Chicken said...

What a great idea! Next year I think you should invite Chad the Chicken. HI!