Saturday, October 11, 2008


Dan and I were able to spend a wonderful time visiting with Family last week. My Foster Sister Linda had flown down from Wasila Alaska
("Where Men are Men and Women are Vice President")
She had come to visit her son's grave and see his beautiful new headstone. It's hard to believe that it has been a year since Jonathan was killed.
I took the train over early Saturday morning and Dan picked me up in Everett after he got off of work. We stopped for breakfast and enjoyed the long drive to Raymond. His Aunt Wanda (my oldest Foster Sister) is married to his Daddy's Brother Ernie, hence why he calls them Aunt and Uncle. I just like to throw that in to confuse you all a bit. Dan's Dad has been gone now for over 20 years. It's so awesome to still have Uncle Ernie around to share stories and hear his laughter. I often just enjoy sitting back and watching him as he talks to Dan.

I see this Amazing Family resemblance between the two. Then when you add Ernie's son Jim, and Jim's's Awesome to see how similar they are. When we finished our over night stay, we then headed to Pe Ell Washington to have a quick visit with Mel and Ben Porter. Melody is my Son in Law's sister. Jen and Ryan are in Africa and being near Mel and Ben and their 2 children is almost like being with Jen and Ryan and our Grand kids. When we walked in the house and I saw Ceeley...I almost cried when I saw how much she looked like Kara did when she left for Africa almost 2 years ago. It's awesome to see the similarities between these cousins.

Jen is very close to Mel and having a cup of coffee with Mel that day was the next best thing to having Jen sitting by me. Dan and I love this family very much!
It was a Wonderful Weekend of Hugs, Laughter and a Warm Sense of "Family". It doesn't matter if it's a Family by Marriage, by Blood, I'm so Thankful to have all of them in my Life.
I've posted some pictures of our visit with Both families here.

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Delena said...

Looks like lots of fun. What a confusing family tree, though.... ;)