Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Another week has passed, here are 7 more things I am Thankful For:
19) Chad (and all my other Blogger friends)
20) Lab test that help you know what's wrong so you can fix it
21) The Ability to fix what's wrong (Access to Modern Medicine and all that Jazz)
22) My new Down Duvet Comforter
23) Electric Heat that is so cheap you really CAN heat up the entire neighborhood!!
24) Safeway Club Cards and discount Gasoline
25) My Grandson Jacob who is pictured here. He was determined to have his picture taken with this Huge Turkey out at Smallwood a year ago, but was so terrified. I am Thankful for all my Grandkids and that they have been Very Healthy. I just wish they lived closer.
Have a Great Week Y'all!


Delena said...

I'll just include myself in the "chad and all my blogger friends" category even though I kinda thought I'd have my own number. But whatever.

Queen Mimi said...

There's still Time....The Squeaky Wheel and all that Jazz.
(I like saying that alot it would seem)

Dawn said...

Is Chad paying you to say these nice things about him? ;) That look on your grandson's face is priceless...poor little guy looks terrified and determined at the same time!

Melissa said...

that turkey picture is so cute...I'd be freaked too. Mean,scary poultry.

I will include myself in the 'blogger friends' group---and I'm thankful to know you through this virtual world.

Queen Mimi said...

I am SO SOOOO Thankful for your friendship Girls. Seriously, Your words of Love and encouragent these past few months have really gotten me thru some tough times. (I'm sure a little prayer helped too) God Bless each of you this THANKS-Giving Holiday!