Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Besides seeing that I have no makeup on, no upper lip, a tiny mustache and some discolored will also notice that I have a very crowded jagged set of teeth. I have had a jaw that pops for years and was told that Braces would help. I had 3 daughters who needed them more than I did (or at least that's what I told myself) I joked that I needed to get them married off so they needed good teeth. For a time, I wore some special mouth guard to help keep my jaw and teeth relaxed and lined up properly. I lost it at Sea-tac airport and could not afford to replace it. So here I am now 50 years old and trying to turn over a new leaf of sorts. I've lost enough weight that I have only 1 chin now. I had a Good check up and cleaning at the dentist (first time in the 40 years I've been going to the dentist...Yay Sonicare!!) The only thing to complain about was my crooked teeth and how discolored they are. The discoloration is due to old cheap fillings I've had placed over the years. They stain and can not be whitened even by a dentist. So my dentist discussed Veneers with me. These will be like crowns/caps on my teeth to replace the old large fillings I have. But the Veneers will be pretty and my teeth will all be even shapes and lengths. So, before I can get the Veneers, I need to get braces so that the veneers will go on all nice and neat. I have $2000 from Dan's Insurance towards braces and $2000 from My Insurance towards this as well. I am a Very Lucky girl.
I am going to document my journey here with pictures and all.
(Don't everybody jump up and down at once)
On Tuesday of next week I get Spacers. I've searched it online and have seen these Hideous blue rubber band things sticking all over peoples teeth. Looks and sounds awful. I will be sure and let you know. The "Banding" takes place on Feb 2. So be sure and check back for pics of the "Spacers" next Tuesday.
Boy is this gonna be Fun!


Dawn said...

You are a lucky girl! ;) I've wanted to get veneers for awhile as well. Your smile is already pretty, but it's going to be dazzling after this.

Delena said...

Way to go! Can't wait to see all the pics.

Dawn said...

Pam...I need you e-mail address! I have some pictures of your beautiful family I want to let you see.

Chad the Chicken said...

You'd better get your Tylenol out ..... your teeth are gonna hurt after those spacers are put in. It hurts bad!

Melissa said...

ooo.I remember spacers before my braces. (mostly pressure, not really pain...Shhhhh Chad!)

:) can't wait to see!