Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Places I've been....

I'm not really sure what to say, I've been so busy but have had a wonderful time. I came across this Meme from my friend Dawn and decided to take a stab and answer the questions as well. Enjoy! I Hope to be back to some regular Blogging soon.

If I were a month,
I'd be September, when Days are still long, nights are Glowing Amber in the Sky and the Remembering of New Adventures like the first day of School brought eager anticipation.

If I were a day,
I'd be Christmas Day, when we can't help but think of those we Love and are able to make Wishes come True to Young and Old.

If I were a time of day,
I'd be that moment when my eyes first open. Torn between squeezing them tight to remember my dreams, and squinting them open to the promise of a new day.

If I were a font,
I'd be Lucinda Calligraphy, at least a 12. Easy to read, Crisp but a little bit of fun too.

If I were a sea animal,
I'd be a starfish, enjoying the squeals of laughter and excitement when they found me on the shore.

If I were a direction,
I'd be west, Where the Sun sets and the Ocean Lives. The Sun and the Ocean are two of my favorite things.

If I were a piece of furniture,
I'd be a Piano, where family photos would be proudly displayed on top of me and people of all ages would gather round, plunking and playing with Laughter and Song spilling out of their beautiful smiling faces.

If I were a liquid,
I'd be the foam in a hot steamy latte on a crisp Fall morning.

If I were a gemstone,
I'd be a Large dark blue Sapphire, Smooth and Cool against the skin.

If I were a tree,
I'd be an Weeping Cherry tree, full of beautiful sweet buds of joy, but falling down towards the ground heavy with the reality that the flowers will soon fall.

If I were a tool,
I'd be a hammer, strong, powerful and needed by all.

If I were a flower,
I'd be a Tulip, coming back every Spring with new Life, new Hope and New Promise.

If I were an element of weather,
I'd be the Soft Quiet Snowflakes that Fall on a Crisp Winter Evening.

If I were a musical instrument,
I'd be a Guitar, humming with each strum of the artist.

If I were a colour,
I'd be Red, like the Sky on an October night.

If I were an emotion,
I'd be that kind of Joy you feel when you hold your Baby in your arms for the first time.

If I were a fruit,
I'd be an Apple, Juicy and Crisp, Sweet and a little Tart as well.

If I were a sound,
I'd be the sound of children laughing off in the distance. The moment that brings a smile and giggle to your own ears.

If I were an element,
I'd be water, falling down from the sky to hide the tears falling down from your eyes.

If I were a car,
I'd be a Volkswagen Beetle, cruising down the Avenue with the Windows down and the Beach boys on.

If I were a food,
I'd be a Triple Layer Coconut Cream Pie, Soft and fluffy with layers of sweetness.

If I were a place,
I'd be the Velvet Sandy Beach on the Floridian Coast, where the sand squeaks when you walk on it and your toes dig deep trying to imbed the feeling and memory into your mind forever.

If I were material,
I'd be soft white Cotton, you can smell it's softness on the clothesline blowing in the breeze.

If I were a taste,
I'd be the taste of Strawberry Lip-gloss on my 16 year old lips after I've kissed my True Love.

If I were a body part,
I'd be the left ring finger of a Woman who is still Amazed when she glances down at her hand of how Greater is her husbands love for her than the size of the much cherished diamond she adores.

If I were a song,
I'd be Amazing Grace, the ageless Truths bring us all back to the place we belong.

If I were a bird,
I'd be a hummingbird, working hard for my keep but bringing such fascination to those who enjoy my flight.

If I were a gift,
I'd be the gift of touch in a time of need to the one who wasn't even aware they needed me, and the gift I receive in return would be much greater.

If I were a city,
I'd be Paris on a Spring Day with smells of the Boulangerie and baking Baguettes await me.

If I were a door,
I'd be a Large Red Door of Next Chapters where there is no fear in stepping through it but only the Promise of a New Tomorrow.

If I were a pair of shoes,
I'd be Black Mary Jane's worn by a 5 year old who scuffs up her Mama's Kitchen floor as she pretends to tap-dance.

If I were a poem,
I'd be 'Oh the Places you'll go' by Dr Seuss, my journey has only begun.....


Dawn said...

I loved reading this Pam, and your favorite poem....it's one of my very favorite to!

funny viral memes said...

Thanks for this, you're very talented!