Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fly Away

A few years ago, We lived in Snohomish Washington and had 2 large decks that spread across the length of the back of our house. On the eaves of the roof, I would hang various bird houses. I think I had 5 total that the birds would actually use. I think they were Sparrows. The Daddy bird would do most of the work collecting leaves, grass, fabric, dryer lint etc to make a soft thick place for the eggs. He would go out and bring back food for the Momma bird. Sometimes they would both sit on the railing and talk to each other. Dan and I, well we sort of did the same thing. He worked to provide us with that beautiful home. He paid the hefty Mortgage, worked on the yard and kept things going. Him and I would sit in our Hot tub on the deck and watch the birds make a life for themselves. (In reality, Dan hated the birds. They made a mess on our deck. But that's not he main part of the story here) When the birds hatched, there was so much noise all the time! The birds cried out, the Mom cried out and the Dad bird seemed to yell back at all of them. He would go and bring back food to the Momma and the baby birds. After a few short weeks, He would stand further and further away from the opening with the food in his mouth. This was to force the baby birds to come out of the nest a bit. I was always excited to watch this part. Eventualy, the baby birds would hop out to the deck railing. The parents would both fly out a ways and call to the babies. They would swoop back around and try to lure them up with them to the sky. One by one the babies would fly and follow the parents. They would then come back safely to the nest, eat rest and then do it all over again until they never returned.
My Kristine is flying away from the nest today. Oh, she has left a few times over the past few years. She has always had the safety of coming back and we have cheered her on and encouraged her to leave. Children are not supposed to live with you forever. It's a natural thing. However, it's painful here on my end to watch it. I am so excited for her. But I am sad for me. She is a source of strength for me. Most of you know that I have one married daughter in Omaha, and another married daughter in Africa. I am proud of each of them, but my Mother's heart is a bit heavy today. I will recover. Soon, my pride will over take my feelings of sadness.
My title of this blog also brings to mind the passing of my Nephew Jonathan. He died on Spet 27th as a result of a Motorcycle accident. He too has flown away. However, he has left his life on Earth to be with his Heavenly Father. God's Children were meant to live with HIM Forever! Someday....We'll ALL will Fly Away.

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