Friday, April 18, 2008


Meet Flat Stanley. This is the second time that he has come to visit Mimi and Papa. The last time he came to stay with us was when my oldest grandaughter Kasey sent him on an adventure with us when she was in Kindergarten. This year her brother Jacob is in Kindergarten and his class is doing the same Reading/Geography lesson. Flat Stanley is a Book about a boy who is flattened when a bulliten board falls on him. He makes the best of the situation and finds that he is able to do lots of fun things now that he is flat.
Many school classrooms have adopted the Flat Stanley Project and the students mail their own flat stanley to a family member or friend. He stays with the family and has his picture taken of where he has been and then is mailed back. The children then learn about the area he has visited.

When Flat Stanley was returned to Kasey's class, I had put his adventures in a scrap book. The teacher pulled down a map and showed the class where Wenatchee was. The kids already knew that Wenatchee was the Apple Capital of the world. Of course, there was a picture of Flat Stanley in an apple orchard in the scrapbook.

This time Flat Stanley flew with us to Napa and rode in a Hot air Balloon. He visited the Golden Gate Bridge, and has been to Las Vegas and Havassu Arizona. It is just about time for us to return him back to Omaha so that Jacob's class can learn about all the great places Flat Stanley visited.


Dawn said...

This is such a fun thing to do for kids. I remember you telling me about Flat Stanley a long time ago and I immediately went home and looked at the website. I requested the book from the library at that time and I still haven't got it- it must be popular. I'm tired of waiting and will probably just get it from Amazon- it looks like so much fun. What a great way to study geography and writing.

Wentworth Family Blog said...

Thats funny, when we were in Hawaii somebody asked Eric to hold a little paper doll just like Flat Stanley in front of a palm tree. We thought it was weird at the time but now I get it!

Delena said...

That does look like a fun idea. Maybe I need to get that book, too.

Krista said...

Hey fellow Wenatchee Valley Blogger! I happened to read your comment on the Bloggy Giveaways post about BPA's and the Camelback water bottles where you were talking about King5 and the Loop Trail... hey, I know those!
Just so you know, BPA's only seem to pose a problem for small children and even that is up for debate in the scientific community. So your water bottles should be fine.
We should get together some time! ;)