Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Today is a Special Day. It's not just the Day after our Taxes are due, but it is my Grandson Curtis's 5th Birthday. He is in Malawi Africa with his Mom and Dad who are Free Methodist Missionaries. They have been there a little over a year now and this is the second Birthday that Curtis has celebrated while there. I have to plan ahead and send their packages at least 3 weeks early. I have been so good up until now and most everything I believe has arrived with time to spare. His package arrived last week and inside the mailing envelope was this outfit that he is wearing. I guess that he put it on right away and wore it until bedtime. But he didn't wear it the entire day so that it would not be dirty and he could wear it at his birthday party the next day. =O)
I know all of this because I had the sincere pleasure of chatting with him on my cell phone Saturday morning. There is a 9 hour time difference and he was able to call me after his afternoon birthday party. Really, he was the one who did all the talking. I could hardly understand a word he said as he was talking 90 miles an hour. But it was pretty apparant that he was 1)excited 2)happy 3)Very excited and 4)Very Happy! My daughter was able to make a sheet cake for him and I had talked to her a few days prior explaining how she could color coconut and make grass and put some little figurines on top of the cake. Jen used some dinosours he had. He was pretty excited about the coconut I must say.

I guess that there were about 15 kids who showed up for his party. My heart is smiling inside knowing that he has so many little friends and that my daughter is finding her way there. She seemed to be having as much fun as he did. She even was able to rent a Jumping Castle. Curtis is sure that you can only get these in Malawi Africa.
I guess that Curtis had some concerns because his party was on Saturday which was a few days before his actual birthday and he wanted to know what he was supposed to do when the kids sang Happy Birthday to him. "When they get to the part; How old are you now? What am I supposed to say?" Well Curtis....TODAY is Your Day and you can say that you are 5 years old!! I Love and Miss you My Handsome Boy.

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Dawn said...

Happy Birthday Curtis! What a cute kid.