Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Day 1-arrived in Galveston and boarded Carnival Conquest with 8 other gals. Four of them I had not met before. A few of us had pink cowboy hats and became known on the ship as the “Pink Ladies.” We also had matching t-shirts that said “Girls gone Cruising” We Spent time out at pool as the ship set sail for 2 days of cruising at sea before arriving at our first port in Jamaica. Dinner with all 9 of us at our own table, followed by a fun evening show where my friend Barb participated in a Trivia game on stage.

Day 2-Woke up early (5am) thanks to one of my roommates who has insomnia and woke up to read every morning with the light on. We scurried to the main pool deck which was on the same deck as our cabin to secure a lounging area for our group of gals. Ate breakfast and Lunch at the buffet restaurant that was on the pool deck. Several of us gals went to the Art auction and drank some free champagne. We also went to a Wine tasting event. This cost $10.00 per person, but was well worth it. For all the Wine tasting classes I’ve been to, I certainly learned a lot more. This was the first Formal night and we all got dolled up to meet the captain. Again…more free drinks. Yay! Dinner each night in the dining room was Amazing. Went to the main show and also saw a super funny ventriloquist.

Day 3-More pool time was a great lazy but FUN day. Participated in some Poolside activities and my team won the Water Olympics as well as Synchronized Swimming. It’s all on Video, so you can come over and watch sometime if you desire. Dinner again was amazing. There was this dessert called Chocolate Melting Cake. At least 4 people from my table ordered it EVERY night. I may order the cookbook just to have this recipe. We went to Karaoke every night and I was asked to audition to be in the show “Legends” and be Madonna. (More on this later)

Day 4-We arrived in Jamaica today and had to get off the ship pretty early. Which of course was not a problem as my roommate continued to wake up early to read with the light on.... I opted to go eat breakfast in the dining room as I was tired of the lines at the buffet restaurant. Five of us went to Negril Beach at Margaritaville, and the other 4 did a Zip line excursion. We had an amazing time. This is where I am at in the attached photo. It was taken with my phone, so the quality is not too good. I have more pictures to upload from my camera. The drive there on the bus was very scary, and I don’t think I will go back to Jamaica on purpose. I loved my beach time though.

Day 5-Went to Grand Cayman today and my friend Barb and I went on a pirate ship adventure. I mouthed off to one of the pirates (all in fun) and then was promptly tied up and found guilty of some crime. (He said something about me not liking Sponge Bob Square pants) I was then doused with not 1 but 2 buckets of Sea Water. Yes…I’m not joking. I had my bathing suit cover-up on…and was soaking wet for the rest of the day. Did some shopping before heading back to the ship as Barb and I had a Spa day booked. Went back to the pool to read for a bit before dinner and the evening show. This was the second formal night also. Nobody wanted to do pictures, so I don’t have any of me in my amazing brown dress.

Day 5- Our last stop was in Cozumel. Five of us signed up to do “Race Fantastic” it’s sort of like ‘Amazing Race’ that you see on TV. There are lots of clues and puzzles that you have to solve. We had to have someone get a henna tattoo, and also snorkel to find the name of a sunken ship in order for me to solve the puzzle. We visited a museum for clues, had to play miniature golf to get another clue and then our final clue was at the central market neatly inside an ear of corn! Our team came in 3rd out of 5 teams. So much fun!

Day 6- Was spent at sea, there was another Art auction and this time I ended up buying a few pieces of art. I’m excited to get them and have promised myself to get them and the current ones I have up on my walls ASAP. I had to go to rehearsal for the Legends show and try on my Madonna costume and get myself packed up as I knew I wouldn’t have much time later in the evening. I gave my skin a much needed break from the sun today and just stayed inside. The Legends show was fabulously fun! I was nervous, but was rewarded with over 1000 people cheering me on. I had my own little group of friends in the second row that I was able to see despite the stage lights. Again, there is a Video of this at my house should you ever feel the need for a great laugh.

Day 7-We arrived in Galveston and began the long 5 hour drive back to Dallas. I had to say goodbye to some old and new friends. I won’t soon forget this wonderful time of female friendship and fun.


Dawn said...

What? YOU mouthing off to a pirate? That seems hard to believe Pam. :) It sounds like such a fun time.

Delena said...

I'm sooooo jealous! I want to go! Lets take a trip. Sounds like you had a blast. I'm laughing about the roommate. I'm sure you never said a thing about it, either.