Tuesday, May 6, 2008


This is a picture taken of my girls the last time we were all together. It was January of 2006. This was one of my best days ever. I took the girls to Shatkis for lunch and then let Dan pay for it all via American Express! LOL
Some of my favorite Mommy memories have been when I can just sit across the room and watch my girls hang out together. I will not be spending Mothers Day with my girls this year. I will be boarding a Cruise ship with some girlfriends for a week of Relaxation and Fun. But oh, how I will be thinking of them. I will be longing and dreaming of the next time that we can all be together. The Plan is for Jen and Ryan to come home next December. I have already put my bid in to have Melissa and her family come home so that we can all be together, and I can once again sit across the room and gaze at my Precious Daughters. I Love you Girls! God has truly blessed me.


Wentworth Family Blog said...

That day sounds lovely. I agree with you my best days consist of watching my kids "do what they do". It brings me such joy. Your girls are so pretty.

Dawn said...

Have fun on your cruise Pam. I love that picture of your girls. Shaktis and your daughters all together...that does sound like a wonderful day.

Delena said...

I'm sorry you couldn't be with your girls. I hope you can all be together soon. You're a great mom.