Friday, July 25, 2008


Step 1.
Eat something that will give you Food poisoning.
Step 2.
Become Very nauseated.
Step 3.
Develop Severe agonizing abdominal cramps.
Step 4.
Start having several loose stools that leave you breathless.
Step 5.
Step 6.
Vomit and hope you will die.
Step 7.
Vomit and hope that you don't have a loose stool while vomiting.
Step 8.
Develop Fever and Chills.
Step 9.
Start Peeing out of your very sore butt.
Step 10.
Pray that you will die soon.
Step 11.
Wake up still feeling nauseated, but no fever so you go to work anyhow.
Step 12.
Nothing sounds good to you so you just sip on water and nurse an applejuice.
Your excited about the 5 pounds you lost and wonder if it was all worth it.....NOT


Delena said...

TMI!!!! But ohhhhh so funny!

Dawn said...'ve got my sympathy.