Thursday, September 11, 2008


I have a usual routine in the mornings that includes coffee, King 5 news and then the Today Show. In fact, I'm kind of sad on Saturdays for a few minutes when I remember that the Today show is not on. This morning, Dan got up before me (thanks to our precious but annoying dog Miss Molly) and he was out on the couch already watching the news. I sat down next to him and then heard Katie Courics voice. I really really miss her. He was watching a special on MSNBC about the 9/11 tragedy 7 years ago. It was the Live real time feed of what transpired 7 years ago today. As I was sitting there reliving the horrors of that moment, I was instead taken back to Sept 10th 2001. You see, my Foster Mom had passed away that evening. I had cried myself to sleep that night only to wake up to further sadness and tears on 9/11. When my Foster Mom passed away, I just felt like my world had ended.

She was the only person who ever loved me just for Me. Not because she HAD to. She just did. She was the one person who I could tell ANYTHING to. She did not judge me even though she was a Pastor, and even though she was my Mom. She'd say "I know that you will do the right thing." She was a Praying Woman too. She would hang up the phone from talking to someone after saying "I'll pray for you." and then walk thru the house holding her Bible in the air and just pray outloud. I still to date have not met anyone who could pray like her. She had enourmous strength. (Physical, Spiritual, and Emotional)
As the family gathered together over the next few days for her Funeral, we talked about how she must have been needed up in heaven to help take care of those who perished in the attacks on our Country that day. She had always talked about being a Missionary and pictured herself helping those in need. I Love the visual of her in heaven surrounded by those who joined her. I can only imagine how proud she would be of my Daughter Jennifer as she is a Missionary with her Husband in Malawi Africa.
As I was looking for any scanned pictures of her that myself, or my Foster Sister had, I could only find pictures of her that included my Nephew Jonathon. But when I think about it's not so odd. Because it was at her funeral, that my nephew decided to join the Army. He knew that our Country had been attacked and he wanted to defend it at any cost. Jonathon surivived 2 Tours of Iraq only to be killed in a Motorcycle accident on Sept 27th of last year. It makes me happy to picture the 2 of them together again in Heaven. I am sad...but happy. So I guess that makes me Sappy?
(Poor Dan) Thanks for your Friendship guys.


Dawn said...

She sounds like an amazing woman. I'm sorry for the sad loss of your foster mom and your nephew. I'll be thinking of you today.

Chad the Chicken said...

OMG! She's adorable! Is that Mrs. Ducksworth? She's so cute! I remember her name becasue I'm totally in love with Mrs. Buttersworth. So that's how I remembered her name Ducks/Butters.