Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Big Day finally came and went. I made it through with flying colors and the Help of a Few Wonderful Friends and Family. Who am I kidding. My Friends ARE my Family. Here is a link to more Birthday Pictures.It started with a Great night out with my buddies Delena and Chad (and an AMAZING card.) They knew that I was feeling a bit blue about my Birthday and No idea of any plans from my Dan. Then at work on Friday, my desk was decorated and constantly covered in precious cards and gifts. At lunch time however, they brought out all the Over the Hill stuff. Still, the cake was great and knowing I was loved by my co-workers was awesome. I was to join a few co-workers after work, but that all changed when I walked in my house.

I had 3 friends from Dallas who flew out her to surprise me. Seems my husband Dan, and Daughter Kristine had a GREAT time keeping me in suspense. (As did my co-workers and friends) We went to dinner at my favorite restaurant downtown. “The Smoke Blossom” . Then off to our Time share/Condo up at Desert Canyon. Kristine had packed all my clothes, shopped for groceries and had taken it all up there through out the day. We walked in to a fully stocked Vacation paradise. We were to be up there for 4 nights. Doug and Delena were up there the same time as us so we got to hang out together while Doug golfed with the guys on Saturday. Us girls just hung out, did lunch etc. The next day, we were going to go to Brunch in Chelan. But instead, a Limo showed up to take us on a Wine tour. It was a beautiful perfect day. Four friends from work showed up and joined us in the Limo also.
I was so surprised by the entire weekend. When the day was done, we arrived back at the Timeshare and there was surprise Birthday/Dinner party for me also. A few more unexpected guest arrived and there were gifts to be opened too! On Sunday, the girls and I went into Leavenworth and the guys went golfing again. I am so sorry for all my complaining and doubting that my Dan would come through. I was told several times that he reads this blog. (oops) So I must remember to not bash him too badly. If you see him, give him a hug from me. He really is My Prince Charming.


Dawn said...

That sounds so fun Pam! I'm glad you had such a great birthday. ;)

Delena said...

HEHEHEHE I knew about Dan's plans. Glad Chad and I could keep the secret when you asked us POINT BLANK if Dan had anything planned. Guess all that lying I've done in the past is finally coming in handy. ;)