Thursday, November 13, 2008


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Most anyone who knows me knows how much I adore my dog Molly. She was supposed to be MY dog...but she's partial to Dan. (unless he's not there...then I will do just fine) In this picture, you will see that she is sitting on the throw pillows on the couch as well as a blanket. Cause my down feather filled sofa is not Soft enough for her delecate tushie I guess!? She is also sporting one of her 3 new sweaters I found in the dollar section at Target (Lynwood store) I'm sure they have some here as well, but you must know that the dog sweaters were Not $1.00 but were $2.00. Still a great buy. This is more a t-shirt intended for inside wear. As soon as Miss Molly gets her new duds on she becomes even more prissier (if that's even possible)
Anyhow...I must add Molly to my List of things I'm Thankful for.


Delena said...

She is a priss! I guess that's fitting for the company she keeps :)

Dawn said...

I heard somewhere that dogs take on the personality traits of their owners. She's a very cute dog.