Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I had made a mental note to myself that I was going to think of something everyday this Month that I was Thankful for and post it on my blog. Time has slipped away from me and we are now on day 11. I see that my friend Delena has already listed some great Thankful things. I've decided to add to my list every Tuesday. So today, I must list 11 things. Here goes:
1)I am Thankful for a Loving hard working Husband
2)For my 3 healthy daughters who know Jesus.
3)For my Job that uses my knowledge and talents.
4)For a comfortable home that really does meet my needs.
5)For some Great Amazing Friends who Love me for who I am.
6)For the opportunity to have traveled this great country and see God's beatuiful creation.
7)For my health and opportunites to be healthier.
8)For a church that allows me to use my talents and desires.
9)For the Internet and other technology that lets me keep in touch with my daughter in Africa.
10) For my Grandchildren and the Opportunity to be Mimi!
11)For my Nephew and other soldiers who served and are serving this Country.