Monday, December 8, 2008


Pronunciation: \ˈbi-tər-ˌswēt\
Function: noun
Date: 14th century something that is bittersweet ; especially : pleasure alloyed with pain

I am having some guilty feelings about the news that a week from today, I will be able to hold and hug my oldest daughter Jennifer. She will be flying back to the US with her family and Ryan Bartlett's family on Friday to Oregon. Dan, Kristine and I will be meeting them in Medford on Monday for the funeral service. I have moments where I am overcome with Joy and so Thankful to God that he is bringing me what I need. I miss my daughter and her family so much. However, I can't help feeling so sad for them and the circumstances that are bringing them here. I can't bear the thought of Katie Bartlett's pain at losing her husband or the grief of Ryan Bartlett's parents on having lost their son. I know that my heart will be lifted up when I see my Jen, and I know that her heart will be lifted up when she sees me. Giving the gift of myself to hold and nurture my daughter and her family while they are here is going to be a greater gift than what they are giving me...just by their presence. Please continue to pray for for Katie and her girls, as they leave the life they have known, and the Malawian people they had such a heart to serve.

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