Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

This Holiday Season came upon me so quickly this year. I have enjoyed reading and seeing all the wonderful Family Traditions of my Blogging Friends. My Holiday "Season" has changed and I no longer have my girls at home to do many of our old traditions with. I miss it, but I am also excited to know that our girls still carry on some of those traditions now with their own children. I never made a Gingerbread house because I was not a good Baker. However, I made an Amazing house out of Graham Cracker Cookies a time or two. Every Christmas Eve we would let the girls open at least one present. One gift was Always new Pajamas. My girls would put on their new jammies, bundle up and we would drive around and look at Christmas Lights. My youngest daughter Kristine would still like for us to drive around on Christmas Eve looking at lights. Christmas Eve dinner usually consisted of Pizza. There have been some Christmas Eve's years ago, that we would go visit Dan's Cousin Jim and his family. They always had chili and opened their gifts on Christmas Eve. We were invited to stay, but always insisted on driving home so that the girls could wake up in their own beds. After all, Santa might not know that they were at a different house! We would listen to the Radio singing Christmas songs and listen for updates on Santa's whereabouts. Christmas morning the girls woke up WAY too early and stockings were opened first. Then I would make a Cinnamon Roll Christmas tree (from the kind that you pop out and bake) I would decorate them with green sprinkles. One year I didn't do it and you would have thought the world was going to end! As the years have come and gone (as well as my two oldest daughters) Dan and I have had to adapt our "Traditions". We still open gifts on Christmas Day, and I still do my best to buy new jammies...except NOW I do it for my Grandchildren. This year we are needing to be a bit flexible. We will be blessed to have Jen and Ryan and their 2 children with us. We will probably have our Christmas dinner tonight when they arrive so that they can go to a Family Christmas party in Port Orchard and be with Ryan's extended family tomorrow afternoon. We might make it to the Living Nativity Scene as we did that the last Christmas Eve that they were here 2 years ago. Maybe we will drive by some lights on our way home. It doesn't matter what we do this Christmas Season, it's what we Feel in our hearts. It's the Love that we have for our Family and Friends. It's about God's Love for us.
The last line from the Children's Christmas program this year sums it all up best for me: "SO AS WE CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS, WITH CANDY AND PRESENTS AND MORE. REMEMBER WE HAVE A SAVIOUR, GIVING US LIFE EVERMORE!"


Melissa said...

Pam, this was so sweet to read. I like seeing how things might be for my kids when they're grown. I get caught up in an "am I doing it right?" attitude in the present----I hope in the future my kids remember our traditions with fondness.

I've loved getting to know you this year. Bless you and your family!

Delena said...

I love hearing your traditions. I should write about ours, except they change every year! I was looking for jammies but I coulnd't find any that would match for all three. Next year I'm going to make them. Have a merry Christmas.

Dawn said...

It was so nice to read about your Christmas traditions Pam. I hope you had a wonderful day today.

Chad the Chicken said...

When are you going to post something new?????? Resolutions please.