Monday, February 9, 2009

What's in a Decade?

On Jan 31st, my oldest Grandaughter Kasey turned 10 years old. 2008 was such a big birthday year for both of us as I myself turned 50. It got me to thinking of how much my life has changed in the past 10 years. I had just turned 40 and my middle daughter had just gotten married. I was on the brink of some life changing moments and had no idea. I was too busy feeling sorry for myself that I was getting "old." I'm sure some of you are laughing as this sounds all to familiar to some moments with me "this" year. LOL
I thought I'd make a list of some major events that have happened since Kasey was born, and how God has blessed me.
*My husband gave his life to the Lord and God began to work a miracle in his life and our family.
*I met some Amazing Life Long Friends at Snohomish First Assembly.
*I Lost a dear friend from there (Tiffanie)when she lost her fight with Pancreatic Cancer. God tested my faith, and I still believe in miracles. He chose to not heal her, but to make her whole.
*I gained another son in law Ryan, who joined Kasey's Daddy Jason as new members of our family.
*I was blessed with 3 Grandsons, Jacob,Curtis,Xavier and another Grandaughter Kara.
*My youngest daughter Kristine went on a 6 month mission trip to Mexico and we trusted God to provide for her...and he did.
*My Son in law Ryan and daughter Jennifer worked as youth pastors in both Tacoma and Tonasket and now are Missionaries with the Free Methodist church in Malawi Africa. I've asked God to provide me with Peace and to protect them, and he has.
*Dan and I moved to Wenatchee and have found a wonderful Home church at WFA as well as a few more Life Long friends.
*We have both been on 2 short term mission trips together as well as spending a week working with Royal Family Kids Camp. God has helped me to see my husband as the Tender Hearted, yet Strong Man that he is. What a Blessing it has been to work with him in each of these projects.
*We have lost a few dear Family Members and have Peace known only to believers that we do not doubt where they will spend eternity and that we will see them again one day.
*We have learned to appreciate each Moment we spend with others and to make a point to let people know they matter to us and to God.

I really just started this Blog to point out that my Baby Kasey is now 10. I am amazed at how quickly time has passed. But in the process, I wanted to share how much I've seen God's hand upon My Life. I want to remember how far I've come and to try and fathom what will happen in the next 10 years. This Amazing, Wonderful Journey is just begining.


Dawn said... much can happen in ten years. Grace will be ten soon as well, and now you've got me thinking about the past ten years of my life. I'm so glad you and Dan moved to Wenatchee. You're a wonderful friend.

Hydee said...

I love getting to know you outside of work. It's amazing to see God's hand over the past 10 years... your outlook is refreshing.