Monday, February 2, 2009


So today was the Big Day! I went in at 8:00 to Dr Merrill's office. I drove there even though it's less than 150 yards from my house. I knew I was already going to be late to work, so I just left as soon as the Braces were on. Goodnes gracious, as happy as I was to have those darn "Spacers" taken out...this really didn't seem so bad. (SEEM...that's the word here) I had enourmous relief whent the spacers were taken out and the metal "Bands" were placed around my back Molars. I'm sure that they have cut into my gums a bit...but still, feels better than those spacers. The worst part really was when they took the bands off long enough to apply "Cherry Flavored Cement" to them and shoved them back on. I must tell you that there was NO similarity between this Cement and Cherry anything. In fact, I almost called the entire episode off. This Cement had to stay on for at least 5 minutes (or 5 hours, I can't remember) I had to grab a gauze off of their tray and hold onto my tongue to keep it away from the offending "Flavor". After the set time limit, I was allowed to rinse, spit, swish etc with water and mouthwash. (none of it helped and I can still taste it even now) It's possible that I might just be a little more sensitve than other people...not sure..but maybe.
Braces are not for the weak I tell you. Put them on your kids while they are young enough to not question what is being done to them. I feel like I need to call each of my girls and apologize for not taking their complaints more seriously.
I knew that my teeth were crooked before, but now that there are these little silver things with wires going thru them all across my can Really tell how crowded my mouth is. Very Zig-Zagging if you ask me. Don't look too closely at the picture though, or you will notice a slight green tinge on one tooth. It might be broccoli, or it might just be a reflection of my shirt. They sent me home with enough tools to build a NASA Space Ship. I have used most of them already. I have tried to use the wax, but not ever really enjoying playdough much...I can't get the hang of it.
Unfortunatly for the rest of you...I will keep you posted on this.


Hydee said...

You make this sound fun and exciting - Be Brave My Fair Lady!

skinnyskeleton said...

how did you have the strength to not take out the spacers ??? mine are annoying the hell out of me!!!