Monday, January 26, 2009

Faces to Launch a Thousand Tears

Back when my 1st Grandchild Kasey was born (10 years ago on Jan 31st)
I wrote a little Nursery Rhyme for her.
A couple of years later when her brother Jacob was born, Kasey helped me write Him his very own song. Once you start something, you have to keep it going. These are the songs I wrote for Curtis and then Kara. They are on their journey back to Africa and I miss them so much already. They will be flying out of Portland on Thursday. Please continue to keep them and their Mom and Dad in your prayers as they face the many challenges and changes ahead.

Curtis Wheeler, Mimi’s Baby Boy.
You’re so Handsome, You’re my Pride and Joy.
You’re my little angel, My sunshine in the rain.
I will Love you always, in my heart you’ll ever stay.

I Love Kara, she’s my baby girl.
Eyes as bright as the stars above,
The brightest in the world.
Skin as soft as angels wings
Hair so silky fine.
Yes I Love my Kara Joy
And I’m so Glad she’s mine.

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