Wednesday, April 29, 2009


My oldest Foster Sis Wanda has 2 sons. The youngest one Randy Johnson, is the same age as I am. At least once a year, Wanda and her husband Ernie would bring Randy to Washington state to visit family there. Which of course meant staying with her Mom (My Foster Mom) and a visit to to see Randy's cousins Danny and Rhonda.

This is a picture of an old Polaroid photo, so it's not too good. Randy Johnson is in the back along with Danny. Myself and Rhonda are in the front.
I looked forward to the visits with Rhonda and Danny almost as much as the visit from my foster Sis and her family. Danny and Rhonda only lived about a mile away from us, but it was much different at his house than at mine. At His could actually sit in the living room and they were allowed to eat in there on TV trays. At my house...Not so much. Don't get me wrong, I would give anything for a formal Living room again. But as a kid, they kind of bite.
When I first met Danny, I had a huge crush on him. But he was at an age where he was not interested in a 12 year old little girl. However as time went on, he began to notice me a little more. One of the following Summers, Dan's family and Wanda's family all went camping up at Lake Hemet California, and Randy came back to tell me that Danny liked me and had even carved our names on a water tower there. Now, I've never seen it...and I doubt that the water tower is still there. But I have to tell you that I still think that is Such a Romantic thing for a teenage boy to do. Most of the time though, I was more interested in his Sister Rhonda's horse than I was in Danny. They had animals in their backyard in the middle of the city! I thought it was way cool. Plus, Dan's sister looked up to me and we had a Great time hanging out. I spent the night with her at their house many times. The Summer I was 15, things changed a bit with Dan and I. When I went to their house, I was no longer wanting to hang out with Rhonda, but would much rather hang out with Danny and would try to talk Rhonda into playing a board game like Monopoly with us. After Wanda and her family returned to Washington, Danny continued to come around my house. One day (July 19th 1974) he called my house and my Foster Mom answered. He asked if I was home, and she said no but did he want her to give me a message. Well, he said..I was wondering if she'd like to go to the movies with me tonight. My Mom told him that I'd Love to and that was that. I walked in the door to a very excited family waiting to tell me that I had a date. Like a Car date! Dan arrived on time, came in and shook hand etc. Then we walked out to his (Mom's) car and opened the door for me. I do believe that it's the last car door he opened for me. But I cherish the memory just the same.


Dawn said...

That's so sweet! Wouldn't that be fun to see if that water tower with your name carved in it is still there?

Delena said...

Haha. That's funny how the "door opening" seems to fade.... Love the story. You tell it well. I had a boyfriend who carved our names in a beach log and I thought it was soooo cool.