Monday, December 7, 2009

It's Time

It's Time for me to post here again. It's time for me to worry less about what I Shouldn't say, and focus on what I Need to say. I think that I speak my mind too much so have been working on speaking less. I just need to speak with purpose, and kindness and Love. It's time for me to write my Story and to share it. I stopped writing for many reasons. Some was because it's painful to share hurts. It's painful to Me to see my hurts in writing. I recalled another fond childhood memory the other day. Writing will help with that as well. I stopped writing because I didn't want my daughters and others who I care about, know the pains I endured. I don't want people (especially my daughters) to have different feelings towards me or my past. I'm concerned about those who hurt me reading things and becoming angry and only hurting me more. So I stopped. But the planning of this years Spring Women's Retreat has prompted my heart to start again.
in fact, I'm going to start by sharing and speaking at this years retreat. Our theme is: "Trusting his Word...a Novel idea" It will focus on Book/Novel themes and of course the Bible. If I was to write my life story in a perfect Fiction way, how would I have written it? How would you have written yours? But the bottom line is, it wasn't my story to least not then. But it is now. It's time.


Dawn said...

I'm glad you're writing here again Pam. I look forward to reading more of your story.

Hydee said...

I have the impression this is a very courageous step for you. God is ready to do something in your life and it's encouraging to me to see your willingness to accept it.

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