Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Eight Life Questions

Dawn tagged me for this meme called:
Eight Life Questions so here it is,

Eight Life Questions

What is the best part about your life right now?
I do know that I have a Great Life, but I must be honest and say that this is a bit of a tough time for me. I sometimes feel that I don't have any "Best Parts" in my life right now. But I do know that things will improve. I can boast that I Belong to a Great church, and have been able to get to know some awesome inspiring Women.

What do you think the best part about the near future will be?
Reconciling with my husband, Celebrating my 31st Wedding Anniversary, and looking forward to having a relaxing week with some Girlfriends on a Cruise to the Caribbean. I am Leaving May 11th. Which is Mother's Day. It's a gift to myself this year.

What are you most afraid of?
I can not bear the thought of losing one of my Daughters, or grandkids, or my husband. Having them even out of State or out of the Country is almost unbearable, but having them out of my Life is not something I can fathom.

What are you a little worried about?
Settling a quarrel with my husband when he returns home on Thursday. I need a boost of prayer that God will direct my words, and my heart. (Dan needs the same LOL)
A few years ago, We did a home Bible Study from Rick Warren's The Purpose Driven Life. One of the lessons I took away from it was Why worry when you can Pray?

What do you dream of?
Being with all 3 of my girls, their children and our husbands all under one roof...I just Love to Look at the mental snapshot of what this would look like. (In my Dreams, it's a big open Log Cabin with a roaring Fireplace, and we're all sitting around just talking and I have at least 3 of my grandkids sitting around and on my lap!) I miss My girls so much.

Who do you trust most to share these things with?
I'm not sure, but I guess you.

What questions do you have?
I want to know why my Dad does not have a relationship with his kids. I forgive him, but am still left wanting more. I'd love to be able to sit and just talk to him about my Life. No guilt, No Stress, No Fear.

What skills can you share?
I have years of life lessons to share. I want to be a better Mentor and Friend. I feel bad that I don't didn't teach my girls how to sew, or how to do any crafty things. But I think that I taught them to enjoy Life and that "Doing things" is much more important than "Having things" (Don't laugh Delena...it's really true!) Oh, and I can make a great Pie Crust.....


Dawn said...

Thanks for doing this meme Pam. I enjoyed reading your answers and now I know even more why I've always liked you. I'll pray for you. Your dream about being with all your kids in a big cabin is something I've thought of often for my family also. We sometimes borrow a friend's cabin in Chelan and I think about the it when I'm there.

Delena said...

Thanks for sharing all your thoughts. I'm so sorry you miss your girls so much. I can't imagine being so far from all my kids. I hope you can all be together soon. And about your conflict with your husband, just remember to not be an asswipe. ;)

Delena said...

That answer to the MEME did not help me one bit. In fact, I think I might be more confused. But thank you so much for your consideration and research :) You're a peach.